Roofing works

Roofing works were completed on all blocks by NJ Roofing in September 2016.

New roof Block 31-36

First new roof – on Block 31-36 completed by NJ Roofing October 2015 Following Section 20 Consultation Notices in respect of urgent roof repairs a contractor had been engaged and the roof of block 31-36 was completed in October 2015 and block 25-30 and 19-24 in November 2015. The remaining three blocks were re-roofed in […]

Tree removal

Conifer removal team from Hardy Woodland Services September 2015 An arborologist conducted a tree survey of the the site and made recommendations including the removal of 19 leylandii that had grown to about 40 foot high along the boundary with Charminster Close. Work to remove these was completed in early October 2015. Other recommended grounds work […]

Paxton Door Entry System

A door entry system has now been installed by Alate Consulting Ltd on all the communal doors  with access gained by use Paxton proximity fobs . Each flat owner living at Kimmeridge Close has been provided with two fobs without charge. If the flat is let the resident(s) will be issued with a fob and […]

Completed works summary 2015 – 2016

The flats have plastic “polyorc” water pipes installed in the 1970’s. These are all now very brittle and several have burst in recent months. This has also highlighted problems with mains stop valves that had corroded and could not be turned off. External lighting around the garages was improved in August as the existing sensor […]