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Correspondence with freeholder in August 2001 enquiring about purchasing the freehold.

The intermediate leasehold title for the site as at 17 February 2016 includes details of the 36 individual leasehold titles.

Leasehold Title

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Site Plan

Site plan

Tree Survey

A site tree survey was completed in June 2015. The arborologist recommended the removal of the leylandii that were growing along the boundary with Charminster Close together with other work to various trees on the site. As agreed by members at the previous AGM this work has since been undertaken.

Tree plan

Survey June 2015

Cavity Wall Insulation

The cavity walls of the buildings were insulated in 1981 by Cosyworld Insulation Limited and a 30 year warranty issued. Cosyworld Insulation Limited is believed to have ceased trading in the 1990's.

Cosyworld guarantee

Roof Guarantees

The roof on blocks 19 - 24, 25 - 30 and 31 - 36 was replaced in 2015. The work is covered by a 15 year Insured Product Guarantee.

Roofing guaranteeĀ